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INTERHOOD approved face mask. Optimised for use on public transportation with anti-facial recognition technology.

100% Polyester – Made from reconstituted Nike jersey fabric  
24 x 12 cm – Adjustable straps and with additional string ties
Presented in an exclusive jersey bag  
Cleaning Instruction:
Wash separately at 60 degrees. Hang to dry

*This is not a medical grade mask and Sunst makes no claims as to the level of protection it can provide.

*Small amounts of latex are used on the elastic straps of this product.

*This product is not returnable.

Made in Berlin
Excl. Premium_Archive
Edition #05—2020


Guerrilla Decoy
Edition #04—2020


Variant Modifed
Edition #03—2020


Certified Precision
Edition #02—2020


Lockdown Prototype
Edition #01—2020


In support of the new normal, Sunst – in collaboration with the Church of the Hand – presents its precise of INTERHOOD face masks.

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