Edition #05

Even though coronavirus isn’t disappearing any time soon (despite what Trump says), our stockpile of Nike jersey offcuts is running low and we’ve got blisters on our fingers from all the sowing. After 3 months of full-on mask production it’s time for us to focus again on our other projects.

Our latest batch of facemasks is singled out from all previous editions by its use of an extremely rare selection of Nike jersey material.

With a distinct and exceptional color spectrum, every unique, handstitched ntrHD approved facemask follows a zero-waste agenda that in no way compromises on street aesthetics.

All’s good in the ntrHOOD

05_ihd_04/99 - sold out
05_ihd_05/99 - sold out
05_ihd_06/99 - sold out
05_ihd_19/99 - sold out
05_ihd_20/99 - sold out
05_ihd_21/99 -sold out
05_ihd_64/99 - sold out
05_ihd_65/99 - sold out
05_ihd_66/99 - sold out
05_ihd_76/99 - sold out
05_ihd_77/99 - sold out
05_ihd_79/99 - sold out
05_ihd_80/99 - sold out
05_ihd_81/99 - sold out
05_ihd_85/99 - sold out
05_ihd_88/99 -sold out
05_ihd_90/99 - sold out
05_ihd_93/99 - sold out
05_ihd_95/99 - sold out
05_ihd_98/99 - sold out
05_ihd_99/99 - sold out
05_ihd_100/99 - sold out

Excl. Premium_Archive
Edition #05—2020


Guerrilla Decoy
Edition #04—2020


Variant Modifed
Edition #03—2020


Certified Precision
Edition #02—2020


Lockdown Prototype
Edition #01—2020


In support of the new normal, Sunst – in collaboration with the Church of the Hand – presents its precise of INTERHOOD face masks.

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